Psychotherapy & Counselling

If there is pain then there is something you don’t understand.” Ray Menezes.

Psychotherapy facilitates insight into the patterns in our behaviour which usually operate out of our awareness; either we have been unaware of them or we are beginning to notice them because they make us feel uncomfortable and unhappy. By creating space to process our feelings and thoughts we help to integrate these difficult and unknown parts of us. The results of this process amongst others are increased confidence and energy, choice, personal growth and the courage to change where we have previously felt stuck and uninspired.

Believing that the overall key to successful psychotherapy depends on the quality of the relationship between my client and me; in my practice I incorporate psychodynamic, humanistic and transpersonal approaches. I also use techniques to increase body awareness and breath-work to support the body-mind relationship, helping to regain balance and vitality.

If you would like to explore having counselling or psychotherapy with me I recommend we have an initial session where we can meet and I can do an assessment. This involves taking some information about you and why you are coming for therapy. If we decide to work together we can make a regular time to meet; otherwise I would be happy to refer you to a colleague or an agency to help you find the right therapist for you.

Counselling which lasts for a shorter-period is usually more focussed and goal orientated, while psychotherapy which is more process-lead, allows time to explore deeper issues.