About Me

I have been counselling since 2000 and helping others find a new path to a more fulfilling and rewarding way of life. It’s a path that I came to after many different personal experiences which allows me to draw on multiple skills.

I was born in America and grew-up in London. After studying drama I spent six months travelling, and in San Francisco studied Myths and Legends of the Goddess at UC Berkeley CA, which was life changing and still provides me with inspiration and a focus within my work.

Back in the UK I worked in the fashion and music industry as a stylist and taught drama and movement in a theatre group. As my interest in therapy, archetypes, movement and astrology developed I decided to move into wellbeing. After training as a massage therapist I worked in the corporate sector as well as my own practice, and taught movement and exercise in London.

I trained at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE), and after became a member of staff, working as a facilitator and supervisor on the diploma course until 2017, and a member of their clinical team until 2020. I trained as a clinical supervisor at the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA).

Through the Sesame Approach to Drama and Movement I found an opportunity for me to bring my ‘first love’, drama, together with therapy, and find a home for both. I met Mary Smail, a principal teacher on the Sesame MA at the CSSD. Sesame combines Jungian psychology, Laban movement, play therapy, myth and Billy Lindkvist’s work with movement and touch. Mary had just created a course for therapists called Psyche & Soma, and I utilise these skills to help clients feel re-energised, centred and have a greater sense of self.

My career has taken me in many directions, all of which have given me first-hand experience of different backgrounds and environments and the variety of issues and problems that people present with in therapy. I’ve experienced the contribution psychotherapy can make to the wellbeing of individuals, improving their self-worth and confidence and helping combat isolation and social exclusion.

Moving forward, my relocation to Hastings and the current pandemic have both brought challenges and opportunities. I look forward to offering my services to my new home town or providing support via Zoom which will allow me to make contact and assist people no matter where they are.

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